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Alexander Kaletski / Box-Cutter / Anna Zorina Gallery LA

Alexander Kaletski


Anna Zorina Gallery | Los Angeles

February 14 - March 25, 2023

Box-Cutter brings together a decade of Kaletski’s most notable series of works, Cardboard People, with historical pieces from as early as 2011 in dialogue with the most recent ones. This exhibition provides an expansive overview of his never-ending quest for discoveries and enduring fascination with cardboard collages.

Throughout Kaletski’s over 40-year career, he has stayed true to the medium of cardboard boxes, or more specifically, to use, broken down, waiting-to-be-recycled, discarded paper containers. Rather than seeing them as commonplace objects to be overlooked, he explores their potentiality, elevating them as a hallmark material within his oeuvre. In creating this unique visual language, Kaletski builds upon several seminal art historical legacies such as Pop, Neo-Dada, and Minimalism with his use of commercial items, mixed media, found objects, and simplistic geometric forms.


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