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LA Art Documents is operated by interdisciplinary artists. We view our curatorial practice as an extension of our art practice, just as we view our camera work and editing process. We feel fortunate that through our business we have access to a variety of excellent art exhibitions and the ability to connect with artists from all over the region. We select art and artists that catch our attention and speak to the various issues of our times as we look for opportunities to include them in particular themes and venues. Our curatorial approach is to select works that create exciting dialogues between the other artworks and the particular environment. We have a wide range of tastes and styles that fascinate us, and we like to share that enjoyment with others. While we have our particular vision for the exhibition, we champion that each artist expresses their vision as an individual along with the collective.  We love exhibitions that inspire, provoke, amuse, and challenge, so we aim to provide similar journeys that allow for unexpected experiences and layers of interpretation.

Curatorial Ornithomancy DBG.jpg


Diana Berger Gallery Mt. SAC, Walnut, CA, 2022

Solo Exhibition by Vojislav Radovanović, curated by Jason Jenn


Ornithomancy is the ancient practice found in numerous cultures around the world of reading omens from the actions of birds.

Radovanović aims to open a mysterious dialogue into the direct influence of humans – both negative and positive – on natural cycles and the environment. He explores humans’ complicated relationships with other species, including the problematic and anthropocentric approach to our interactions with animals.

Curatorial MoTS.jpg

Memories of Tomorrow’s Sunrise 

The Ronald H Silverman Fine Arts Gallery, Los Angeles, June 8 - July 15, 2022.

Group Exhibition curated by Jason Jenn, Vojislav Radovanović, and Mika Cho


Featuring works by Enrique Castrejon, Serena JV Elston, Anita Getzler, Jason Jenn, Ibuki Kuramochi, Marne Lucas, Trinh Mai, Hande Sever, Vojislav Radovanović, Marval A Rex, Kayla Tange, Nancy Kay Turner, and Jessica Wimbley.

Web Curatorial 05.jpg

A Practical Guide to Parlour Games & Magic 

Loft at Liz's, Los Angeles, 2021

Group Exhibition curated by Jason Jenn & Vojislav Radovanović


Featuring works by Phoebe Barnum, Adrienne Cole, Brad Davis, Adrienne DeVine, Doug Hammett, Orit Harpaz, Jason Jenn, Ashley Kruythoff, Lena Moross, Giovanni Ortega, Vojislav Radovanović, Nancy Kay Turner, and Sean Yang.

Web Curatorial 03.jpg

Even Sparkles Have Shadows 

TAM, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, 2021

Group Exhibition curated by Jason Jenn


Fetauring works by Michael Craig Carrier, Zära Monet Feeney, Chuck Hohng, David Hollen, Stevie Love, Haleh Mashian, Ken Gun Min, & Alison Ragguette.

Curatorial Sanctuary Angels Gate.jpg

Sanctuary of the Aftermath

Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, 2021

Group Exhibition curated by Jason Jenn & Vojislav Radovanović


Featuring works by Nica Aquino, Joseph Carrillo, Jeff Frost, Anita Getzler, David Hollen, Jason Jenn, Ibuki Kuramochi Rosalyn Myles, Vojislav Radovanović, Alison Ragguette, and Kayla Tange

Web Curatorial 07.jpg

L.A. Mise-En-Scene 

Experimental Film and Video Art Festival, Online, September 1 - 20, 2020

Curated by Jason Jenn & Vojislav Radovanović


Featuring films and videos by Cassandra Campbell, Joseph Carrillo, Cassils, Raphaele Cohen-Bacry, Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, Luka Fisher, Leslie Foster, Jeff Frost, Jennifer Gunlock, Orit Harpaz, K. Ryan Henisey, D. Hill, Chuck S. Hohng, Jason Jenn, Peter Kalisch, Matthew Kaundart, Roger Kim, Ibuki Kuramochi, Lynda LaRose, Talon McKee, Liz Miller-Kovacs, Lilli Muller, SKY Palkowitz, Robert Patrick, Gazelle Samizay, Marcos Sánchez, Gabrijel Hammond Savic Ra, Cintia Segovia, April Hava Shenkman, AJ Strout, Vojislav Radovanović, Kayla Tange, Jared Whitham, Caroline Yoo, and You Can Call Me SIR.

Web Curatorial 06.jpg


TAM, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, 2019

Solo Exhibition by Kayla Tange curated by Jason Jenn


Ambiental, Interactive Installation and Performance by Kayla Tange

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