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We Run Things, Things Don't Run We / Slanguage Studio Group Exhibiton @ Angels Gate Cultural Center

Curated by Gloria Gem Sánchez and Jynx Prado

We Run Things, Things Don't Run We

Slanguage Studio Group Exhibition

Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, CA

October 22 - December 10, 2022

Works by: Yadira Agredano · Ben Avila · Raul Baltazar · Karla Diaz · Sarita Dougherty · Gaby · Alonso Garzon · Ed Gomez · EJ Hill · Raghubir Kintisch · Antonio De Jesus Lopez · Amitis Motevalli · Aydinaneth Ortiz · Perl · Jynx Prado · Felix F. Quintana · Guadalupe Rosales · Marlene Tafoya · Arnoldo Vargas · Mario Ybarra Jr.

We Run Things, Things Don’t Run We celebrates Slanguage Studio's 20 years of history. Founded by Mario Ybarra Jr. and Karla Diaz, Slanguage Studio opened its doors to the community of Wilmington, California as an artist-run space. Slanguage has since expanded its creative teachings, aspirations, and community engagement globally to creatives, innovators, and teachers of all backgrounds. This exhibition is composed of 20 artists who have grown individually in their practices through mentorship and co-creation. Many of the artists have contributed to the development of Slanguage as the De Facto Art School it is today, inspiring folx to engage and impact different communities, identities, and generations with the pedagogy of Slanguage. We Run Things, Things Don’t Run We is an homage and oeuvre of many generations that have contributed to the history, community-centric values, conscious intent/content, and intergenerational, alternative learning space of Slanguage Studio.


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