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Shifting Landscapes: Sea Level Rise in Los Angeles and Beyond

Check out our new video, this time, we're taking you to the opening night of the exhibition resulting from the artists and scientists' residency program at Building Bridges Art Exchange in Los Angeles.


Artists: Guillermo Anselmo Vezzosi, Osceola Refetoff

Scientist: Dr. Eric Larour

(Group Supervisor: Sea Level and Ice Group, Earth Sciences Section, JPL, NASA)

Curator: Marisa Caichiolo

Building Bridges Art Exchange, Los Angeles, CA

A collaborative summer artists and scientists residency/exhibition; bridging the arts, science, and technology.

Shifting Landscapes: Sea Level Rise in Los Angeles and Beyond is an innovative art residency at Building Bridges creating connections between science, technology, and contemporary art. This unique project aims to foster collaboration and dialogue between artists and scientists, focusing specifically on sea level rise, with research and data provided by NASA.

Bringing together two seemingly disparate worlds, we hope to unlock new perspectives and inspire creative responses to one of the most pressing ecological challenges of our time. The primary objective of Shifting Landscapes is to create a platform where artists and scientists can explore and create work addressing the complex issues surrounding sea level rise. By utilizing NASA's extensive data and research on the subject, residents are encouraged to engage with scientific concepts, methodologies, and findings, and translate them into thought-provoking artworks.

Through this interdisciplinary approach, we aim to encourage public engagement, raise awareness, and stimulate meaningful conversations about the impacts of climate change. At the core of our art residence are the collaborations between artists and scientists. These partnerships create the foundation for shared learning and creative exchange, as artists gain insights into the scientific process and scientists gain new perspectives through artistic interpretations of their research.


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