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Rewilding Structures / Torrance Art Museum

Curated by Hope Ezcurra

Artists: Jeff Frost, Lawrence Gipe, Jack Henry, John Hudson, Ashton Phillips, Sandy Rodriguez, Matt Taylor, Domingos Tótora, Kylie White

While life forms have always had a hand in shaping the geology of our planet, never has it been more evident than in our current epoch, the Anthropocene. It is defined by the human-influenced geological changes to our planet that are occurring not over the course of millennia but decades. Although it is both terrifying and beautiful to see what human beings are capable of, we are irrevocably altering how the forces of entropy affect our planet. We have introduced human made materials into the air, water, and earth. We have decimated natural ecosystems. We are changing coastlines through global warming. The artwork presented in this exhibition, when viewed through a transhumanist interpretation, provides a mediation on what will be left when we are all gone. Rewilding Structures asks viewers to consider how our consumption patterns are redefining the natural forces of entropy and decay.

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