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PORTALS / Angels Gate Cultural Center


Curated by Stephanie Sherwood

Angels Gate Cultural Center

San Pedro, CA

January 20 - March 26, 2022

PORTALS reflects on the transformative nature of passageways - contemplating ideas of boundaries, entrance and egress, progress, and travel into the unknown. Doorways, both metaphorical and physical, have reappeared in our social consciousness consistently as significant elements in popular cultural narratives and mythology. These portals facilitate growth through the change they welcome into our worlds. Working in tapestry, drawing, neon sculpture, resin and site-specific installation among other mixed media, the artists explore transformation, with the Port of Los Angeles as a relevant foil. PORTALS invites an experiential look at the work of nine contemporary artists whose works speak to the nature of these life-altering gateways.

PORTALS is curated by Stephanie Sherwood and includes works by Erin Harmon, Erika Lizée, Elana Mann, Yevgeniya Mikhailik, Alicia Piller, Adam Rabinowitz, Esther Ruiz, Howard Schwartzberg, and Svetlana Shigroff.


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