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Notions of Place / Curated by Lauren Kasmer / Angels Gate Cultural Center in San Pedro

Notions of Place

Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, CA

April 15 - June 17, 2023

Curated by Lauren Kasmer

Artists: Hilary Baker / Joyce Dallal / Natalie M. Godinez / Kio Griffith / Flora Kao / Lauren Kasmer / LaRissa Rogers / Jenny Yurshansky / HK Zamani

Drawing on dreams, memories, and the spaces in between, the works in Notions of Place disintegrate commonly held social views that have acted as fences around our homes. Each of the artists in the exhibition articulate different facets of what we call place. Place can be a refuge, a home holding our values and dreams in a safe harbor. It can also be defined by a border or a wall holding us back from a new life. In ways that are both spiritual and physical, Notions of Place explores the contours of the artist’s experience of the world.

Curated by Lauren Kasmer, Notions of Place includes works by Hilary Baker, Joyce Dallal, Natalie M. Godinez, Kio Griffith, Flora Kao, Lauren Kasmer, LaRissa Rogers, Jenny Yurshansky, and HK Zamani.

The galleries will also feature Homesĭtē, an ongoing participatory work by Joyce Dallal and Lauren Kasmer. Consisting of a series of structures emblematic of Los Angeles landscape and architecture, the installation reflects on the city as both home and origin. The community can participate in Homesĭtē Recipe Exchange on the first floor of the gallery by sharing a recipe, memory, or story about a dish that means home.

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