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Luna Luna: Forgotten Fantasy, the world's first art amusement park

Luna Luna: Forgotten Fantasy

The world's first art amusement park

Downtown Los Angeles, CA

December - March, 2024

LA Art Documents is pleased to present another video tour dedicated to contemporary and modern art. Subscribe to follow for more. Here we present a special walk-through of the spectacular immersive experience Luna Luna: Forgotten Fantasy. Known as the world’s first art amusement park dreamed up by Viennese artist Andre Heller, it premiered in Hamburg, Germany in 1987. It included rides, games, and attractions created and designed by 38 of the world’s most visionary artists of their day.

However, its time in operation was too brief and due to various circumstances, Luna Luna was thought long lost to the world until this recent restoration. Thanks to a myriad of collaborators and investors including the rapper Drake and Heller himself, some of the park has re-emerged within a controlled warehouse environment in Los Angeles before it sets off on a much-deserved global tour.

While visitors can’t ride the works like originally intended, stepping into the warehouse feels like its own dreamy ride through time. Collectively, this star-studded gathering of artists represents an impressive array of historic art movements that provide an illuminating museum-level educational experience. We invite you now to enjoy this walkthrough of the exhibition, but encourage everyone to visit in person if possible to fully encounter the awe and wonder of being immersed within Luna Luna: Forgotten Fantasy.

Be sure to visit for more information.


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