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Karen Hochman Brown / Unspoken Word: BEYOND

Los Angeles artist Karen Hochman Brown’s solo exhibition Unspoken Word: BEYOND is on view at TAG Gallery November 3-28. The collection presents large-scale digitally manipulated representations of an imagined, beautiful and glorious Mother Nature.

About the Artist:

Karen Hochman Brown is a Los Angeles-based photographer using software to manipulate her photographic images. In her signature style, Hochman Brown bends nature photographs into multi-layered kaleidoscopic constructs. The work is sensitive to the inherent beauty of the subjects as she strives to magnify that quality through focus and repetition.

“When the realities of ‘sheltering in place’ sunk in, I began traveling through memories of other times and places via my photographic archives. The cloud imagery comes from around the globe—seas to mountaintops. The flowers are from gardens closer to home. I mold the images using ArtMatic Designer by U&I Software, a modular graphics synthesizer program, to create distortions and reflections of my photographs. I finish my work using Adobe Photoshop to assemble and augment the layers into digital collages.

I chose large-format acrylic prints for this exhibition to enhance the magnificence of the cloudscapes. The work floats on the wall without a frame. The polished edges of the acrylic reflect the encased artwork adding an extra illusion of depth.”


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