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Jim Murray / SouthWest Series 2 / The LOFT Gallery, San Pedro

Jim Murray

SouthWest Series 2

The LOFT Gallery, San Pedro, CA

November 6 - December 18, 2021

If, as Thomas Wolfe opined, you can’t go home again, you can’t ever really leave home in the first place. You carry your whereabouts, those places that have made you what you are, with you at all times. Jim Murray’s practice embraces the notion of place as spirit, finding the personal in both the monumental and the quotidian.

These are his people, his skies, his mountains. What makes them his is time – the time he has lived through and the time he has recorded. Of course he shares all this with us in real life, but he shares it with us in his art, too, giving it all back to us illumined, however subtly, by his eye and his touch – an eye and touch that at once admit and obscure the influence of the camera on our perception.

If art is a lens, Murray stays in sharp focus. If art is a mirror or window, then Murray’s art is a rear-view mirror and a windshield, streaked with memory. - Peter Frank 2015


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