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Jason Jenn “TWINKLE: Traveler Beneath the Stars” / MuzeuMM

The performance “TWINKLE: Traveler Beneath the Stars” was a collaboration between two artists Jason Jenn and Vojislav Radovanovic, based on the Radovanovic’s exhibition “Prayer for Travelers” theme. Jason replaced a drawing on cardboard “Unidentified Immigrant in Paris, 2016” that lay on the floor as a centerpiece of the exhibition. The performance began with an original poem by Radovanovic in which the homeless man is taken back in time to a childhood memory of making a playhouse out of cardboard. Jason proceeded to take the audience on a very human journey, relating the housing crisis in Los Angeles to the current political climate surrounding immigration and fact that all humans are refugees since Adam and Eve were exiled from Eden. Using stars as the central theme, Jason linked the celestial objects to the cultural obsession with celebrity, weaving a story that reminded people that they possessed the ability to be their own gods and saviors, and exposing the hypocrisy in which religion, nationalism, and capitalism were used as excuses for various atrocities and crimes against humanity throughout history.


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