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The Propagation of Teurári / Gabriel Rico / Perrotin, Tokyo

The Propagation of Teurári

Solo Show by Gabriel Rico

Perrotin Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

May 12 - June 24, 2023

During our unforgettable stay in Tokyo, we visited yet another captivating exhibition, this time at the @perrotin Perrotin Gallery.

At this show, we were introduced to the visionary world of Mexican-born, non-medium-specific artist @gabrielricoestudio Gabriel Rico.

The exhibition delved into the rich culture and profound belief systems of the Wixárika people, with a powerful intention to foster a stronger connection with nature. Through Gabriel Rico's unique methods of collecting and organizing found objects, crafting new artworks, and extensive collaboration with the Wixárika tribe, he has brilliantly woven together an alternative perception of how physics, geometry, logic, and spirituality harmonize our existence with our true potential.

Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself fully in this thought-provoking exhibition!



The most recent body of work by Gabriel Rico, an artist from Guadalajara, Mexico, coalesces non-western knowledge of the first nation, or indigenous, people with the intention to build a stronger connection with nature. Realized through his own methods of found object collection and organization, fabrication of new objects, and his extensive collaboration with the local Wixárika tribe, Rico has built an alternative perception of how physics, geometry, logic, and spirituality balance our existence with our potential.

The Propagation of Teurári is dedicated to the native group with whom Rico has worked over the last decade. He has collaborated with them by utilizing their traditional artisanal techniques of nierika, or yarn paintings that can be seen in The second cause is meant to be an explanation of the first (Páramo, The oak tree), as well as through the use of chaquiras, or glass beads. The techniques lend themselves to a process of folkloric imagination, allowing the Wixárika artisans to construct new universal compositions that employ deer and other natural elements as sacred. The name Teurári refers to a deer manifested in the identity of God. Their nature-based religion inspires Rico and countless others to rethink our relationship with the Earth from a conservation and evolutionary perspective. This perspective reflects the belief systems of the artisans and what Rico sees as the path toward humanity’s salvation...


Born in 1980 in Lagos de Moreno, Mexico

Lives and works in Guadalajara, Mexico

Gabriel Rico’s work is characterized by the interrelation of seemingly disparate objects. A self-proclaimed “ontologist with a heuristic methodology,” Rico pairs found, collected, and manufactured materials to create sculptures that invite viewers to reflect on the relationship between humans and our natural environment. He frequently uses neon, taxidermy, ceramics, branches, and more personal pieces of his past to create an equation or formulation, achieving a precise geometry despite the organic, roughly hewn character of his materials. His installations ironically and poetically combine natural and unnatural forms, insisting on a necessary contemplation of their asymmetry as well as our own cultural and political flaws.

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Special thanks to Los Angeles -based artist Eric Sanders


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