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Caron G Rand / Dark Energy

Caron G Rand

Dark Energy

Wonzimer Gallery

February 22-26, 2023

ACCA Fine Arts Company and Caron G Rand present Caron’s latest solo exhibition at the Wönzimer Gallery, titled DARK ENERGY.

The exhibition brings together the artist’s latest works shaped around the idea of known and unknown Energy. The new series Dark Energy can transform exclusive spaces and increase the velocity of firing up the brain synapses, stimulating internal and external conversations on art and life with themselves and others in this spinning sphere and terrifying space.

Artist Statement:

I do allude to the known & unknown via the seen vs unseen. I believe there’s known & unknown energy. And that science still has so much to find out & learn

about our brains. They are vast & there are the philosophical parts integrating from left to right as I believe philosophy straddles between left & right in a scientific way as well as an artistic one. The arts are heavily a right-side brain exploration but the left is also firing up to aid the complex questions that art explores so it’s all very complex scientifically, artistically, mentally & philosophically. And then add in the physicality of the process & production. There are my thoughts & then the brain must orchestrate the function of the mind-hand dance to create the art. I used to joke that the right side of my head was so full & heavy w/ thoughts that it literally hung down to the right side. I believe science is always changing based on new discoveries & equipment being made.

Review by Peter Frank, international art critic, curator, and poet:

For years, Caron G Rand has reached in her art for an understanding of the spiritual. Some of her artworks have striven to approximate a sense of disembodied transcendence; other works have meditated on the spiritual condition itself, manifesting a kind of meta-spirituality that reflects on the presence of spiritual insight and energy within our species – our civilizations, our societies, our nations, ourselves. In her latest paintings, Rand projects beyond the human and into the heavenly. But the heavens she renders are not the heavens of gods and ghosts, but of galaxies and voids, stars and singularities. The Dark Energy paintings would seem to take their cue from recent images of the universe as photographed by the James Webb Space Telescope. (In fact, Rand began the series before the photos were published.) But they are not the product of astronomers’ tools; rather, as art, they guide us instinctively through an ether where the universe intermingles with our souls, an ether only art can describe.


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