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Borders: Representation and Reality / MK Gallery, Portland, OR

Curator Gabrijel Hammond Savic Ra at the exhibition “Borders: Representation and Reality”

Exhibition “Borders: Representation and Reality” brings two disciplines, philosophy and art, with an idea to explain concept of borders. We are witnessing daily breach of human rights in regards to immigrants, especially in Europe and United States, but there is more to the whole store. We can notice that borders don’t have to be physical entity, they can have psychological nature, many immigrants are impacted by wars or famine and even when they are in some safe environment they deal with borders within their mind. We are also confronted with the question can philosophy and art contribute resolving the borders and all the problems that immigrant are confronted with and answer is easy, yes they can. Philosophy opens many roads where we can make pressure on legislator’s to bring just laws and art can be a mirror, something that would give birth to consciousness among politicians and also regular people. Every artist in this exhibition has different approach in medias as much as in content. For some borders are bounds that are not letting anybody in and for others something that is not letting anybody out. What ultimately we learn from this exhibition is that we have to be united if we want to make a change within the world.

Organizers: Alex Sager (Philosophy), Angela Coventry (Philosophy), Craig Epplin (World Languages)

Exhibition, February 8 at 6PM (it lasts until February 27)

Artists: Hector H. Hernandez (Mexico / USA) Nica Aquino (Philippines / USA) Vojislav Radovanovic (Serbia / USA): Okty Budiati (Indonesia) Palash Bhattacharjee (Bangladesh) Hormone Sekine (Japan) Lidija Antonovic (Serbia)


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