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Annamotion / Eric Sanders / Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum


Solo Exhibition by Eric Sanders

Curated by Julienne Johnson

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan

June 15 - 20, 2023

Join us on an artistic journey to Tokyo, Japan, as we present the documentation of LA-based artist Eric Sanders' solo exhibition titled "Annamotion", at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum located in the heart of Tokyo's Ueno Park.

This captivating exhibition marks Sanders' first solo show in Tokyo and takes center stage at the 'Japan 22nd International Art Exchange' edition during the month of June 2023. In two gallery spaces, Sanders presents a diverse collection of over 30 mixed media works on canvases, including large-scale pieces and polyptychs, and a selection of smaller works.

Throughout exhibited works Sanders takes us on journey exploring the theme of profound femininity. In each artwork, Sanders depicts the female body in dynamic poses of jumping or falling, set against abstract backgrounds. Using monochromatic palette, juxtaposed to individual splashes of pure colors on few large scale paintings, Sanders creates a mesmerizing atmosphere, allowing various textures to intertwine as backdrop for his muse, a stunt access and martial arts, Anna, to step out from the canvas. The name 'Annamotion' cleverly represents Eric's wife Anna in motion, capturing the energy and spirit of a divine femininity. Anna's figure, portrayed as jumping or falling, being pushed and pulled, gracefully propelled or suspended, or simply just dancing or walking, in Sanders' paintings becomes a signifier for the divine feminine energy and force that empowers.

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More about the artist:

Eric Sanders (b. 1963 in Philadelphia, PA) is a painter based in Los Angeles, California. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Sanders initially learned to paint from his father, who was an accomplished amateur painter. Sanders painted throughout his childhood and into early adulthood before taking a break to focus his attention on building a career. Since making a return to art, Sanders has established himself as an innovative and distinctive presence in L.A.’s vibrant contemporary art scene. An artist with an extensive repertoire of skills, Sanders mixes the traditional tools and techniques of oil painting, drawing, collage, and printmaking with the latest digital art technologies to create unique, striking works that blur the lines between abstraction and figuration. An intriguing combination of the familiar and the experimental, Sanders’ body of work makes an exciting contribution to the landscape of contemporary painting.Sander’s work has been exhibited in a variety of solo and group exhibitions, as well as numerous benefit auctions and art fairs, including such prestigious events as Miami’s Art Basel and the LA Art Show.Eric Sanders is represented in New York by Water Wickiser Gallery, by Tag Gallery in Los Angeles, and by Katherine T. Carter & Associates in the Hudson Valley.


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