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15 Years / Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Los Angeles

15 Years

Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Los Angeles

March 23 - April 14, 2024


Tiger Strikes Asteroid Los Angeles is pleased to present 15 Years, a celebration of 15 years as a national organization. This exhibition includes the work of our roughly 70 volunteer artist-members from our five locations. Since our founding in 2009, we’ve grown from a small space in Philadelphia to an expansive network of spaces with locations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Greenville, SC. To date, we’ve organized about 450 projects and have exhibited the work of over 2,000 artists. We’ve organized large-scale projects such as Artist-Run in Miami, where we invited artist-run spaces from all over the world to transform a room in an abandoned hotel during Basel week. We've given many artists their first solo shows and reviews of their work in the press.

15 years later, we still maintain that scrappy, DIY spirit, thanks to the efforts of our artist-curators who volunteer their time and resources to make space for others. We nurture a sense of collectivity that reflects our core values of radical empathy, generosity, critique, risk-taking, and imaginative thinking, and foster exhibitions and programming that reflect these values. Our unique model allows us to collectively explore and create not just one, but many alternatives to the mainstream art world. Rather than relying on institutional hierarchies with distinct specialties, TSA leverages the power of artist-curators working within their respective communities and providing opportunities for voices who might be overlooked within traditional institutional or commercial exhibitions.

This exhibition caps off our month-long fundraiser, where we looked back at some of our favorite shows from the past 15 years.


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