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Zac Monday / MOLT

Zac Monday / MOLT Torrance Art Museum July 17, 2021

Documentation of artist Zac Monday’s Molt, a site-specific participatory performance that took place at the Torrance Art Museum on Saturday, July 17, 2021 as part of the Ultra! Public Art Project and Museum Reopening Ceremony.

Visitors were invited to wear disposable eye masks and follow a path by touch guided by a crocheted monster (Zac Monday in costume).

Artist Statement: “Feeling a change can be a brutal process, and may take much longer than the act of change itself.”

I like that in nature, the process of growth can be the ripping apart of old skin, or a perfect shell that is left to resemble an old form. While humans can shed their skin, we don’t really see evidence of transformation until a major physical growth occurs, ie: a child becoming an adult, a drastic hair dye job, death making us seem smaller in size.

While traveling blindly, navigating the cord of time – I ask viewers to contemplate change within themselves. Feeling light brushes of soft comfort while moving through a maze unknowingly, the concept of space and time dissolves for a moment and the participants are able to be with themselves fully, scared or focused – to imagine how they have transformed after such an illuminating year.

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