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Wild / TAG Gallery Wildlife Art Exhibition

Curated by Sküt for Earth Day 2021.

April 13 – May 8, 2021, at TAG Gallery, Los Angeles.

“We are humble guests to this incredible planet. I brought together a diverse group of talented creators that I love to celebrate Earth’s magnificent fauna through wildlife animal art. Wild includes artists from a wide spectrum of disciplines: illustrators, painters, animators, graphic designers, tattoo artists, photographers, digital creators, sculptors, jewelers, musicians, and more. Each artist depicts a wild creature by sea, land, or air. As you experience these fantastic depictions of the natural world think about small changes you can make to help ensure the future of our home. Remember to get Wild and celebrate Earth Day every day.” – Sküt

Wild Artists: A Sense Of Huber, Art of the Endangered, Bayla Arietta, Becky Robbins,Burton Gray, Christian Del Rosario,David Colman, Dex Franco, Gared Luquet, Joe Weatherly, Jun Yang, K Ryan Henisey, Kal Yee, Mack , Nicholas Ivins, Rob Scott, Rob Sheridan, Rsin, Ryan Chadwick, Shake, Show Pigeon, Tusk.

About The Curator: Sküt the artist (Scott Lewallen) is Vice President of TAG Gallery and Los Angeles native, best known as Co-Founder and original designer of Grindr.


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