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Where Earth Becomes Aether / Wönzimer Gallery

Where Earth Becomes Aether

Wönzimer Gallery

May 26th, 2023 - June 30th, 2023

Featuring artists include: Marthe Aponte, Francesca Bifulco, Adrienne DeVine, David Hollen, Jason Jenn, Aline Mare, Rosalyn Myles, Vojislav Radovanović, Catherine Ruane, Nancy Kay Turner, Cheyann Washington, Christine Weir, Sean Yang

Curated by: Jason Jenn & Vojislav Radovanović

Where Earth Becomes Aether investigates the elemental nature of art-making, constructed by earthy resources and inspired by ethereal ideas. Materials including rock, metal, graphite, minerals, textile, clay, and plants are transformed into a multifaceted range of creative gold that embodies the alchemical power of human imagination. Viewers are invited to explore the connection between the physical and emotional, the ephemeral and eternal, and the material and immaterial.

The title alludes to the ancient Greek concept of Aether, the fifth element that fills the universe beyond the terrestrial sphere, and which was believed to be the substance that made up the heavenly realm. The idea of a divine substance that connects the earthly and celestial spheres is explored in works that reflect on humanity’s unique place and status conceived and growing on Earth, but as creatures influenced and drawn toward the heavens. As the Roman poet and philosopher Lucretius wrote in “De Rerum Natura,” Aether is the “fifth body” that moves the stars and planets and connects all things in the universe.

Each of the thirteen featured artists employs their own unique process to alter the quotidian into the extraordinary, bringing disparate elements and influences together to achieve a transcendent synthesis. Whether working in painting, sculpture, installation, mixed media, and beyond these artists all share a visionary approach to the materials and processes that shape their practice. The exhibition is a sacred celebration of the infinite possibility that art possesses in a space Where Earth Becomes Aether.

The show runs through June 30, gallery is open Wednesday-Sunday from 12 pm -7 pm. There will be artist talks, walk-throughs, and film screening special events on June 10th and 30th. For more information visit the Wönzimer and L.A. Art Documents websites.

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