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WE ARE STILL EVOLVING / Building Bridges Art Exchange

WE ARE STILL EVOLVING Curated by Luis Peimbert & Marisa Cachiolo ​Building Bridges Art Exchange

November 6 - December 14, 2021 Exhibiting artists:

Lluís Barba, Francisco Esnayra, Alberto García, Jorge Marín, Ariel Vargassal, and Xevi Vilaró In the framework of the partnership between Peimbert Art Contemporary and Building Bridges Art Exchange, we proudly present an exhibition that is a testament to everything humans are able to create just by using our imagination. The sample, entitled We are still evolving, features a diverse selection of over 20 outstanding works by artists from Mexico and Spain, all of whom explore the elements that have shaped the modern human experience, and will continue to do so. Evolution is an ongoing process, although many of us don’t quite realize we are still evolving. Modern humans look very different from early homo sapiens, who lived around 2.9 million years ago, and even more different from more primitive species dating back 10,000 years. Similarly, we are probably very different now from what the humans of the future will look like. What’s more, we are different from who we were before the start of the pandemic, almost two years ago. Our environment is certainly different than it was a century ago, and it is not hard to imagine things like gene-culture evolution playing an even more prominent role in the future of human evolution. Every artist in the exhibition explores humanity in a very unique and personal way. Lluís Barba, for instance, uses his talents as a multi-media multidisciplinary artist to analyze and reinterpret some masterpieces from the past. With his latest body of work, Ariel Vargassal, presents Gods and Brothers, inspired by Aztec mythology’s Codex Borgia, which explores his deep connection with Mexican cultural identity. In the same vein, Jorge Marín showcases his sculptures of mythical creatures that seem to be able to take flight at any time, to any place. Artists featured in the exhibition include: Lluís Barba, Francisco Esnayra, Xevi Vilaró, Ariel Vargassal, Jorge Marín, and Alberto García. There will also be a wide variety of sculptures, mixed media, photography, and paintings, whilst demonstrating the strength of our art educational programs.



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