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SANCTUARY Part One| Pam Douglas

SANCTUARY (Part One) | Pam Douglas Music by Raya Yarbrough Camera & Editing by Jason Jenn & Vojislav Radovanovic Exhibition from TAG Gallery September 24 – October 19, 2019 Sanctuary an Installation by Pam Douglas Avows the Humanity of Refugees

Part One of Sanctuary looks at refugees who travel by land. Life-size figures are drawn in charcoal on raw linen and draped ceiling to floor. These are parents and children seeking refuge. Used coffee bean bags stand as metaphor for the commodification of these families and the rejection they find at the borders of western nations. Part Two will examine the plight of refugees who come by sea. “We are in a startling time, hearing the cries of children torn from their parents,” says Douglas “Around the world, refugees seeking sanctuary compel my new work in a visceral response.” Working with paint and assemblage, Douglas has been creating works that seek meaning in spirit and body. In Sanctuary, she seeks to involve the viewer in the refugee’s experience and restore their humanity to our eyes.

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