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Reverie / Jim Callans & Justin Prough / University of Redlands Art Gallery


A Duo Exhibition by Jim Callans & Justin Prough

University of Redlands Art Gallery

October 19 – November 7, 2021

In Reverie, whimsical structures and surrealist imagery co-exist in the equilibrium between complex states. Despite a world in brittle suspension between free will and free fall, we find latitude to create and permission to imagine.

About the Artists

Jim Callans is a multidisciplinary artist residing in Venice Beach, CA. The inception point for his work comes from the dream state, a spot between the waking and sleeping worlds. A puzzling land of loosely connected artifacts, tied together by anxieties, wishes, and premonitions. Playful surrealism and mundane materials lend these pieces a primitive quality which belies their complex construction.

Justin Prough is a Los Angeles-based artist whose work reflects the struggle between sunny days, good waves, and the environmental & political unrest of our times. Telling visual stories through connecting ideas with materials and processes drives his practice. Prough’s work has been exhibited in California and in private collections across the U.S. “I fancy myself a scavenger,” explains Prough. “A scavenger of materials, moments, and ideas, who looks to forge beauty and meaning from their juxtaposition. I hope these juxtapositions ignite puzzled smiles and conversation around social and ecological complacency and their ramifications.” @justinproughart


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