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Rade Marković: Footprints in the Sand / Heritage House, Belgrade

Rade Marković: Footprints in the Sand

Retrospective in Sequels

Heritage House, Belgrade, Serbia

September 2 - 24, 2023

Welcome to another LA Art Documents video. This time, we take you to the retrospective exhibition of Serbian painter and sculptor Rade Marković, held last September at Belgrade's Heritage House Gallery.

With over 40 years of artistic contributions, Marković's work delves into historical and contemporary socio-political themes, cultural dynamism, caring a potent anti-war message. His art has the power to engage viewers, evoking thought, laughter, and tears. This exhibition also features works from three guest artists: Radomir Stančić, Millija Nešić, and Dragan Jovićević Macola, adding diverse perspectives to the rich narrative of Marković's show.

Enjoy our walkthrough of Marković's exhibition.


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