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Not My White Savior / poetry by Julayne Lee

part of the exhibition Dear Mother,

LA Artcore, DTLA - Little Tokyo

August 13, 2022

Julayne Lee is an overseas adopted Korean American poet, essayist, artivist, producer, art curator, occasional blogger and Futbolista. Inspired by the pan-Asian spoken word groups Mongrel and I Was Born With Two Tongues and the APIA Spoken Word and Poetry Summit, writing has long been a means of survival and empowerment for her. She has read in Seoul, South Korea and throughout the US including the Southern California Poetry Festival, the Bridgewater International Poetry Festival and the shows Listen to Your Mother - Burbank and KPCC In-Person's #UnheardLA (ep. 4). As part of Writ Large Press’ #90X90LA in 2017, she hosted the first ever reading with adopted people of color in Los Angeles and hosted a monthly writing & expression workshop, Healing Through Writing the Unsaid, for those who identify as adopted POC or racially ambiguous adopted people. She has also hosted this workshop in San Francisco, MN, NYC and Seoul, South Korea.


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