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Metamorphoses / Nemanja Mate Djordjevic / Salon of the Belgrade City Museum


Solo Exhibition by Nemanja Mate Djordjevic

Belgrade City Museum, Belgrade, Serbia

April 2023

Join us on a visual journey through the captivating world of "Metamorphoses", a solo exhibition by Nemanja Mate Đorđević (Djordjevic), currently on display at the Belgrade City Museum's Salon. In this video, we explore the various works of art created by Đorđević, a painter whose unique expressive language delves deep into the themes of human existence, degenerative transformations, and existential questions of life and death.

Through this exhibition, Đorđević showcases his new works of predominantly large-format oil paintings, drawings executed in ink on paper, and small-scale sculptures made from a combination of different materials. With titles such as "Nyctophilia," "Amok," "Disputant," "Apocalypse," and "Antidote," the complexity of Đorđević's artistic exploration is apparent, as he reflects on different deviations present in society and human beings themselves.

Don't miss this opportunity to delve into the mind of one of Serbia's most prominent artists, whose work has been praised for its influence from horror films. Join us for a closer look at "Metamorphoses" and discover the fascinating world of Nemanja Mate Đorđević's artistic vision.

Camera & Cut: Damir Kovačić

Belgrade, Serbia

April 2023


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