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LA ART SHOW 2019: Must see works that stole the show!

LA Art Documents is pleased to present our initial selection of “must see works that stole the show” – but it’s very much impossible to say this is definitive! Enjoy this sampling of the vast collection of art that captured our attention and awed us during the opening night and first day of the 2019 LA Art Show – but know there are surely more to come.

Palm desert -based gallery Melissa Morgan Fine Art presents Artist Anthony James and his unique sculptures realized in titanium, LED lights, and specialized glass. They were fantastic crowd pleasers, drawing many curious eyes to peer inside their infinite inner worlds.

East Art Center from Beijing gives us works by artist Li Huichang. We enjoyed the use of wet stroked of ink on rice paper like this piece “Grudge series-2”.

H.O.F.A (House of Fine Art) charmed us with this colorful work by Ilhwa Kim made from patterns of folded hand-dyed paper.

The Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) displayed Argentinian artist, Cristian Castro and his “27 Peces / 27 Fish”, a fascinating installation of motorized creatures with light up eyes and whirring propeller blades.

Eun Ju Kim offers up this gorgeous piece of pencil on paper at massive scale in what is appropriately titled “Wave”.

Artist Kate Groobey of MIZUMA Art Gallery presents a most quirky and appealing video performance PLACES UNKNOWN displayed alongside one of the costumes and set design large scale drawing on paper.

Gallery ALL presented this window created by the team Anotherview (Marco Tobasso, Robert Andriessen and Tatiana Uzlova) giving us the ability to witness a live action video feed of the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II that can be adjusted to display various times of the day.

Patrick Painter Inc featured Rinus Van de Velde’s “He told me that one year ago he thought about sticking his index finger in a fan…”

Timothy Yarger Fine Art includes a lot of fun work in the show like Olivia Steele’s reminder that “Everything You Need is Inside You”.

Bert Green Fine Art recognizes that the LA Art Show can easily be an overwhelming place, and chose to shrewdly display only the powerfully contemplative works of Grey James.

The SM Fine Art Gallery presents several intricately folded paperworks that stopped us in our tracks by artist Chun Kwang-Young.

Peimbert Gallery presented unique works in which video screens are paired with three dimensional sculptural elements and transformed into fantastical creatures by an artist with the moniker Galactic Wizard.

Dorian Woods’ opening night performance of “Nodrissx/Narcissx” (that we featured in a previous post) is now on display as a video projection with sound behind the installation.

Our final favorite picks are two more artists featured in ” Melissa Fine Art” gallery by local artists Alex Couwenberg and Andy Moses who both presented large scale paintings that stood out and demanded time to examine further in detail. Moses’s “Morphology 1601” made in acrylic on polycarbonate mounted on concave wood panel.


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