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INSTALLATIONS / K. Ryan Henisey / TAG Gallery


K. Ryan Henisey


November 19 - December 14, 2019

TAG Gallery, Los Angeles

Bring your phone, camera, and selfie stick. Artist, K Ryan Henisey invites you to become a part of his fine art display at TAG Gallery in Los Angeles for an Artist Reception November 23, 6-9pm. ‘installations’ invites viewers to become participants, embedding a piece of themselves in the art. Paper hearts and the artist’s familiar use of mixed patterns are central to interactive displays, perfect for photographs, selfies and boomerangs. “With ‘installations,’ I want you to make the final object of art,” says Henisey. “Using collage as my medium, I’ve created backdrops and paper sets that invite you in.

The exhibition is deeply queer, selfie-centric, and there’s a lot of me in it—bits of my 80s-era childhood, favorite song lyrics, and my body.” Henisey is fascinated with the intersection of social media and creative presence. His use of paper hearts plays foil to the human side of social “likes,” reminding that behind the object (and internet) is a living, emotional being. “We are complex people, full of complex relationships—both online and off,” he explains, “the art in installations reflects that.”

Henisey has displayed at galleries and institutions throughout California, the Museu de la Garrotxa, Spain, and will debut in China at the Guangzhou Art Fair in February 2020. He currently serves as president of TAG Gallery in Los Angeles.

Concurrent with ‘installations,’ Henisey presents ‘My Youth,’ an exhibition of queer artists. Co-curated with artist Eugene Huffman, the show focuses on growing up queer. Both exhibitions are on display at TAG Galley from November 19- December 14, 2019.

An artist’s reception is open to the public, Saturday, November 23, 6-9pm.


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