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High Beams #5: Night Moves / Bendix Building Rooftop

High Beams #5: Night Moves

Oct 30-31, 2021, 8-10pm

Bendix Building Rooftop (11th floor)

1206 Maple Ave., Los Angeles

Curated by: Carl Baratta, Dani Dodge, Katya Usvitsky, and Sean Noyce.

Artists: Mitch Temple, Robert Moya, Ilona Berger, Andrew Wingler, Kim Weller, Jamie Hamilton, Liz Nurenberg, Chelsea Boxwell, Leslie Foster, Sharon Levy, Kim Marra, Hagop Najarian, Molly Schulman, Christina Shurts, Josh Vasquez, Surge Witrön, Ben Jackel, Ariel Huang, Laura Ricci, Karim Shuquem, Elizabeth Folk, Marc Bobro, Justin Michell, Kellan King, Jorge Mujica, Gerardo Romero, Iva Gueorguieva, Nicholas F. Cienfuegos, Ricardo Harris-Fuentes, Ismael de Anda III, and Eugene Ahn.

The curators at High Beams will kick off their fifth iteration of the nomadic outdoor experience, playfully titled Night Moves after the 1976 Bob Seger song of the same name. Positioned beneath the iconic red neon Bendix sign on the building’s rooftop, Night Moves will be the first High Beams project accessible by foot traffic only. Participating galleries include 515, CACtTUS, Durden and Ray, Last Ditch, LAST Projects, Monte Vista Projects, Museum Adjacent, San Francisco Artists Alumni, and TSALA.

Many of the works in High Beams #5 were created in response to the breathtaking views of downtown Los Angeles, including Jamie Hamilton’s 12 x 25 foot aerial net that will allow viewers to relax while taking in the setting; Chelsea Boxwell’s fabric pillars that mimic the forms of nearby skyscrapers; Ben Jackel’s ceramic hanging airplane that gently drifts high in clouds; and Ismael de Anda III’s interactive video installation that uses drone technology and projections for an evolving tableau of the downtown skyline.

Special thanks to Ismael de Anda III and Eugene Ahn for the drone footage.

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