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George Clinton: The Rhythm of Vision with a stage by Lauren Halsey / Jeffrey Deitch, Los Angeles

The Rhythm of Vision, an exhibition of paintings and other artworks by the legendary musician, performer, and godfather of funk, George Clinton, will open at Jeffrey Deitch, Los Angeles on November 5. The opening date coincides with the fortieth anniversary of the release of Atomic Dog, Clinton’s #1 record that inspired much of the hip hop music of the 1980s and ‘90s.

George Clinton has been creating visual art for almost as long as he has been creating music. Starting with a rock drawing in 1959, and then evolving his iconic autograph derived from a silhouette of a dog, he was continuously sketching in the back of his tour bus. Clinton’s paintings translate the psychedelic world of his music, costumes and stage sets into visual art. During the past several years, when he was unable to tour because of the pandemic, he entered a new chapter in his visual art, synthesizing sixty years of themes and characters.

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