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Gary Brewer / Voluptuous Charm of the Monumental Impulse / Wönzimer Gallery

Voluptuous Charm of the Monumental Impulse

Solo Exhibition by Gary Brewer

Wönzimer Gallery

December 2, 2022 - January 7, 2023​​​​​​​​

Wonzimer Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition by Gary Brewer titled “Voluptuous Charm of the Monumental Impulse”. This will be Brewer’s first solo exhibition with the gallery since they began representing his work earlier this year. Previously Brewer has curated two exhibitions for the gallery: “The Shape of Life,” and “Entwined Roots: Symbiotic Relationships”, both in 2021.

“Voluptuous Charm of the Monumental Impulse” will include nine new paintings and five ceramic sculptures specifically created with this exhibition in mind. Wonzimer is thrilled to be working with Gary Brewer and exhibiting these compelling and beautiful works.

“Voluptuous charm” refers to beauty as an alluring force that shapes our subjective sense of what is worthy of our attention. From the exquisite patterns and colors of flowers that help to attract insects and birds to our own responses to the enticing curvature of desire.

“The monumental impulse” is the life instinct and the scale of our imagination to create worlds that hold our personal truth.


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