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Ed Ruscha / NOW THEN at the Museum of Modern Art, New York

Ed Ruscha / NOW THEN

Museum of Modern Art, New York

September 10, 2023 –January 13, 2024

Welcome to another LA Art Documents tour exploring diverse contemporary artistic and cultural institutions. In this video, we travel beyond the borders of Los Angeles to visit the Museum of Modern Art in New York City for an extended look at the retrospective exhibition of iconic Los Angeles artist Ed Ruscha.

ED RUSCHA / NOW THEN contains more than 200 works of painting, drawing, prints, photography, artist’s books, film, and installation—utilizing everything from gunpowder to chocolate in their creation. The exhibition offers new perspectives on Ruscha’s body of work, which has influenced generations of artists, architects, designers, and writers from his landmark contributions to postwar American art as well as lesser-known aspects of his career.

In 1956, Ruscha moved from his hometown of Oklahoma City to Los Angeles where he studied commercial art, gathering inspiration from the city’s architecture, colloquial speech, and popular culture. The exhibition reveals the continuous reinvention that has defined his work for over six decades of his celebrated career.

ED RUSCHA / NOW THEN is organized by The Museum of Modern Art, New York, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, where it will be on view from April 7–October 6, 2024.


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