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Debbie Korbel’s STRANGE CIRCUS

Solo Exhibition by Debbie Korbel @ Shoebox Projects April 20 – May 3, 2019

A little bit steam punk, a whole lot art, artist Debbie Korbel has created an immersive fantasy in Strange Circus, an exhibition that celebrates and elevates the unexpected and eccentric.

Korbel says her work here reveals social misfits – those who live with us, and those who reside within us. The images are filled with excitement and emotion.

Often whimsical, humorous, and yet deeply poignant, Korbel’s beautiful sculptures utilize assemblage that’s layered with meaning. She says she’s inspired by ideas that drift through her mind until they blossom, ideas she describes as inspired from life itself, in random scraps of conversation, or even the organic shape of an old car part.

From silvery Harlequin clowns that kiss to a clown with a genitalia shaped like a balloon animal, and another with a gun attached there, Strange Circus gives us a wide range of involving, sometimes startling, images that immediately engage the senses, and inspire wonder.

Connecting with viewers on an emotional level, with their vulnerability, their feelings, with the inspiration of both laughter and tears, is what Korbel does in this exhibition.

Haven’t you wanted to run away and join the circus, at least once or twice?

Korbel invites viewers to do just that, as she combines the melancholy and the humorous, in sculptures both highly tactile and unique, dream-like and filled with soul. We are all both audience and participants in this Strange Circus.

by Genie Davis


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