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Debbie Korbel & Ellen Rose | Cavalcade of Dreams

“Cavalcade of Dreams” A two-person show with Debbie Korbel and Ellen Rose

Riverside City College Gallery Quad 140 4800 Magnolia Ave Riverside 92506

March 2 – April 3, 2020

Debbie Korbel – Contemporary Sculptress

“The talented assemblage artist creates cohesion out of chaos. She is able to build graceful structures garnered (at least in part) from garbage and gifted cast-offs from friends. Debbie’s work delivers by turning out a visual feast of textures that radiate cathartic energy. Her works exude a colorful music, a tumbling bundle of mini explosions. And it’s funny, for the same words that could be said when describing laughter, just happens to be one of the elements fueling Debbie’s work”

Ellen Rose

“Painting is a sensual and intellectual event. It gives one an opportunity to make one’s mark. It is a vain but positive gesture stating that one is alive. Color and image are important to me and along with them the joy of paint with its smears, drips and consistency.”


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