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David Stewart Klein / TAG Gallery

Welcome to the New World: As It’s Always Been @ TAG Gallery, Los Angeles July 13 – August 8, 2020

Welcome to the New World: As It’s Always Been is a solo exhibition of works by painter David Stewart Klein. This exhibition is one of the first created during and partially as a response to the pandemic of 2020. The TAG Gallery was ready to open its doors to the public, when the State of California had to abruptly reissue its stay-at-home policy. L.A. Art Documents is pleased to help present this extended interview with the artist and his exhibition for the world to see.

This body of work produced mainly in 2020, investigates the human psyche in dealing with modern life, whether it be an individual trying to be true to one’s self while pressured by expectations, both interpersonally and culturally, or with the recent pandemic and the aftermath of a broken world. Klein uses the movement of paint and intimacy of tight portrait composition to give the viewer a sense of what the person is feeling. The vulnerability of his subjects creates a sense of palpable intimacy, whether it is a sense of worry, anxiety, trust seeking, fortitude, innocence or joy, fear, or acceptance. Klein utilizes a deep and rich palette of how he perceives the subjects and the world which they inhabit.

“I have spent years building an art practice that leaves the final product feeling raw…The purpose of this art for me on a social level, is to bring the viewer into the art, which though finished remains a raw expression of emotion and experience. We should not be blinded by how fast things are moving, or by the desire to fill our time with more stimuli. The pace of cities, technology, and the access to content fills our lives.” Welcome to the New World: As It’s Always Been aims to momentarily provide the viewer with something more intimate than what is largely a culture based on immediate consumption and impersonal, filtered content.

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ART: inst:@theartofdekay twitter:@theartofdekay

MUSIC: insta:@dekaydesconocido David Stewart Klein Fine Artist


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