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Creative World Art Center / Non-Profit Arts Education

LA Art Documents is pleased to share this introductory video created for Creative World Art Center in Arcadia featuring interview testimonials from local school teachers, administrators, parents, and artist instructors. We worked closely with the organization, using their footage and photos from work in the field mixed in with our interviews and coverage from on-site visits.

Creative World (CW) Art Center is a non-profit organization specializing in art education. The center was founded in 2010 by a group of professional artists and educators who recognized the need for art education in a small community east of LA. They came from different backgrounds and brought together different skills and stories to share with youth and aspiring artists of all ages.

Mission: To nurture and challenge the creativity and curiosity of students through art education.

Philosophy: CW believes art education gives children, teens, and adults creative and critical thinking and observation skills that will help them pursue excellence in all areas of life. That’s why we emphasize thinking outside the box just as much as skill-building. Learning how to express your own unique ideas is just as important as learning how to use shadow and value. All our classes focus on experimentation as well as technique.

Methods: We design our lessons to introduce young artists to new techniques and materials while encouraging them to make discoveries. Most class sessions combine looking, experimenting, planning, and making. Students engage in examples of contemporary or historical art, encounter and experiment with new materials and creative technologies, then plan and execute their own projects. We meet every student at his or her own level. We know that artists, like art, come in all different forms and from all different backgrounds.

Programs: Weekly art classes, after-school enrichment programs, seasonal camps, private event rental, gallery exhibits, and public events.


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