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Children of Gaza / Stevie Love / Art In Residence, Lancaster, CA

Children of Gaza

an art installation by Stevie Love

Art In Residence, Lancaster, CA

April 13 - November 2, 2024

“Children of Gaza" is a poignant and thought-provoking piece by artist Stevie Love. This installation stands as a somber yet deeply touching homage to the resilience and suffering of the children in Gaza — a topic that is heartbreakingly relevant in today’s global landscape.

The Western Mojave becomes a canvas for Love’s traditionally vibrant expressions; however, this installation marks a departure. In a stirring narrative of creation, Love recounts a transformative experience that shifted the entire palette to one of mourning and remembrance. Driven by the emotional weight of a father’s lost hope, as overheard in a radio interview, Love translates collective grief into the language of art.

The “Home” structure on the property, now carries the heavy burden of black feathers, fur, and sequined fabric. Every piece is carefully selected and every bell attached rings out in the desert winds, a resonant reminder of ongoing tragedies.

This exhibition is not just an artistic endeavor; it is a clarion call to the conscience of the observer, a powerful testament to the forgotten innocence of war-torn regions. Through the transformation of “Home,” Love encourages us to listen, remember, and empathize with the children and families of Gaza whose lives are overshadowed by loss.

Art In Residence invites you to experience this moving tribute and to engage with the stories that the winds of the Mojave carry on their ceaseless journey.


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