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Candles Burning in the Wind / Francesca Bifulco / Bermudez Projects

Francesca Bifulco

Candles Burning in the Wind

Bermudez Projects, Los Angeles

February 25 - April 15, 2023

In her latest exhibition at Bermudez Projects, Los Angeles-based multimedia artist Francesca Bifulco pays tribute to the palm trees that have come to symbolize the city. Through her vibrant paintings, Bifulco captures the unique beauty and resilience of these towering sentinels, painting them in glowing reds, oranges, and yellows on black backgrounds. Each work is a portrait, not a landscape, and in Bifulco's world, the palms are "breathing and waving at us, indisputable queens of this monstrous city."

While palm trees are not native to Los Angeles, they have become an iconic symbol of the city's identity. For Bifulco, they are also a metaphor for the people who continue to stand tall and persevere despite the challenges they face. Her paintings celebrate the strength and resilience of the human spirit, as well as the natural beauty of the city.

Francesca Bifulco is a versatile artist whose distinctive line work channels a graphical quality through her primary painting medium. Her work spans a range of subjects, from crowds and the force of their plurality to individuals affected by social media culture, to men playing cards in a conflicted and underrepresented neighborhood of Naples, Italy. Her current work processes the effects of personal loss through the preservation of memory, examines the sociopolitical awakening in the US, and celebrates the iconic symbol of her adoptive city of Los Angeles.

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