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bLAh, bLAh, bLAh / Chenhung Chen & Snežana Saraswati Petrović / LAUNCH LA

bLAh, bLAh, bLAh

Chenhung Chen & Snežana Saraswati Petrović


February 10 – March 2, 2024

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LAunch Gallery presents bLAh, bLAh, bLAh featuring Chenhung Chen and Snežana Saraswati Petrović and their immersive multimedia installation examining environmental and social issues prevalent today through their drawings, sculptures, and photographs. The title reflects the inner and outer chatter experienced while bridging the artists' insights and perceptions with the current material world.

This installation offers a nuanced exploration of the inner spiritual and philosophical mind space and the outer materialistic and social reality we encounter. Through their creative constructs, the artists examine issues of interconnectedness inviting contemplation of the human experience and fostering dialogue and understanding of important societal issues.


Artists' Statements

Chenhung Chen:

I weave, bind, and crochet with industrial waste byproducts including cable, zip ties, electrical components, and purchased wire, to produce large scale sculptures, reliefs and installations which engages “weavings” of all elements into voluminous, interconnected, and sprawling forms. Crocheting is a skill I learned while growing up. While we learned it for utilitarian purposes, the repeating of the simple movements with my hands became a form of meditation: focusing on one single task and staying away from the looping mind. It is in this motion of addition, subtraction, and repetition through needlework that I work to portray something intangible.

I weave the thread of dichotomies like concord and dissonance, order and chaos, the subtle and the powerful. From these dichotomies, I’m working to make forms that deal with balance and portraying man’s unstoppable nature - the driving force that is bringing about this information age. However, even with all this technology, man still must grapple with the consequences of his human condition; one’s social structures, faulty institutional ideologies, and one’s inability to see oneself in others. Technology not only influences our lives, but also in some ways changes our humanity and disconnects us from each other. Growing up in a Taiwanese society where Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism fused together harmoniously, the influence I absorbed causes me to put all these theories to test during the challenging times that we live in. My day-to-day practice is to search and experiment between theory and practice. And the process-oriented practices aim to find poetic essence in daily interaction with materials and nature. My work engages Taoist concepts of “Chi” and co-existence with opposing forces, as visually represented in its ancient craft traditions and culture, and that continues to inform notions of a modern Taiwanese American identity.

Snežana Saraswati Petrović

My art is an interplay between art, science, and technology, a lexical bridge uniting visual metaphors and societal realities. By harnessing the cognitive elements of science and the breathtaking advancements of technology, the true mantle of my work is in unveiling the fears associated with climate change and the infringement upon planetary boundaries. As an immigrant from the war-broken country (Yugoslavia), I search for the home that I have lost. The notion of "home" becomes multifaceted, transcending physical boundaries and encompassing the global collective. I examine how our understanding of home is shaped by global forces and the effects of environmental degradation. I create immersive, imaginary environments that explore the boundaries between natural and man or robot-made objects, crossing the delicate border between the structural and the natural, to provoke reflections on our shared global narratives of movement, belonging, and transformation.

Operating within a postmodern framework, I deliberately employ these materials as symbols of consumer culture, emphasizing both their visual prominence and their profound ecological impact. Through the juxtaposition of these disparate elements, I seek to challenge preconceived notions of materiality and explore the intricate relationships between consumerism, waste, and the fragility of our natural world. By overlapping these themes, my artistic practice serves as a catalyst for dialogue, inviting viewers to critically engage with the pressing ecological and socio-cultural challenges of our time. My interactive environments and artworks are intended to foster a collective responsibility in safeguarding our environment and reimagining the interconnected future we all share.


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