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Arezoo Bharthania / A Home in the In-Between / LA Artcore

A Home in the In-Between

Solo exhibition by Arezoo Bharthania

Curated by Jason Jenn

LA Artcore

June 3 - 25, 2023

A Home in the In-Between reflects Bharthania’s experience of creating a home while inhabiting various geographies, representing a multilayered construction of identity. A unique narrative and perspective are formed through varied materials, photographic images, and painterly gestures that blend her childhood and early adulthood in Iran with her current life in Los Angeles. Bharthania utilizes her personal history as a filter, combining experiences of love, work, observation, memory, emotion, sensation, nostalgia, and desire into visually and emotionally layered works. She navigates the bodily experience of womanhood while balancing dichotomies of public and private, psychological and physical environments, representing the spaces between here and there.

The exhibition creates an immersive environment featuring installations and individual mixed media works that honor everyday life's common experiences and materials from which people build a home. Bharthania communicates, mutates, and abstracts personal memories and universal elements of what is deemed home while acknowledging how inextricable those concepts are from historical, political, and social contexts. The exhibition raises questions of what defines the idea of home today; is it truly where the heart is and what one makes of it? Or do the spaces between past and present, place of origin and place of residence, and identities within cultures have more to contribute to how one considers home?

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