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Adornment | Artifact / Curated by jill moniz / Transformative Arts

Adornment | Artifact is a multi-venue art experience that celebrates ancient Nubia through contemporary art, events, and conversations. Housed at five sites across the city, Adornment | Artifact investigates how contemporary artworks made in Los Angeles by LA-based artists engage and express the traditions, objects and materials that shaped the cultures of the Nile River Valley.

This LA Art Documents' video features only one of five exhibition locations at Transformative Arts in Downtown Los Angeles.

Curated by jill moniz.

Works by: Tyler Christopher Brown, Sarah Kontè, Susu Attar, Duane Paul, Anabel Juarez, Umar Rashid, Yrneh Gabon, Glen Wilson.

Transformative Arts 410 S Spring St, Los Angele

November 5, 2022 - March 5, 2023

Monday-Saturday 12-6p | SUN & MON CLOSED


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