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A Practical Guide to Parlour Games & Magic

November 20, 2021 - February 27, 2022

The Loft at Liz’s

Curated by Jason Jenn & Vojislav Radovanović

Featuring works by Phoebe Barnum, Adrienne Cole, Brad Davis, Adrienne DeVine, Doug Hammett, Orit Harpaz, Jason Jenn, Ashley Kruythoff, Lena Moross, Giovanni Ortega, Vojislav Radovanovic, Nancy Kay Turner, and Sean Yang.

Indulge your proclivity for pleasurable treasures and curious amusements in A Practical Guide to Parlour Games & Magic. The whimsical exhibition imaginatively and unexpectedly explores themes that are divine and delightful, peculiar and puzzling, mysterious and macabre. With a showroom style twist, works by each artist are installed like a unique boutique to fit alongside the many wonders of Liz’s Antique Hardware and create a most enchanting setting. Whether one chooses to bathe in a moment of refreshing bewitchment away from the outside world, create an ethereal atmosphere at home, or share an artistic gift for the seasons, the show offers many charms to discover.

Exhibition produced by LA Art Documents & Loft at Liz's



Review by Genie Davis

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