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Even Sparkles Have Shadows

July 17, 2021 - August, 2028

Torrance Art Museum TAM, Torrance, CA

Curated by Jason Jenn

Featuring works by Michael Craig Carrier, Zära Monet Feeney, Chuck Hohng, David Hollen, Stevie Love, Haleh Mashian, Ken Gun Min, & Alison Ragguette.

The artworks of Even Sparkles Have Shadows dazzle the viewer with colorful, playful, radiant images – at first glance. However, closer examination reveals a curious undertone of hidden meaning and deeper, sometimes darker stories beneath their glittering veneer.

In various ways, the works reflect our culture’s social media savvy and our desire to put the best foot forward despite daunting and complex realities. In some cases, the penchant for glossy presentation is a lively, tongue-in-cheek critique on its subject. In others, the glamour attempts to distract from conspicuous truths. Sometimes, opulent treatment takes on new meaning from the context of their use or in light of disasters like the recent pandemic. Luster is utilized as a counterbalance to life’s often painful and perilous fragility.

Whatever their motives, the artists make apparent that there is always more than meets the eye for us to consider. The beguiling works are reminders that life is composed of such endless extremes: luminous sparkles and mysterious shadows.

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