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Vanessa Hernández Cruz / Nycto-Eternity / LAX Festival

from the Los Angeles Performance Practice LAX Festival

October 22, 2022

Frankie, DTLA

Vanessa Hernández Cruz


About Vanessa Vanessa Hernández Cruz (she, her, ella) is an interdependent Chicana Disabled dance artist & Disability Justice activist. She is from the unceded lands of the Tongva & Kizh lands colonially known as Los Angeles, California. She graduated from CSU Long Beach with her Bachelor of Arts in Dance Science.
 Through her dance films & choreographic work, Vanessa presents the audience with thought-provoking pieces that ignite the imagination and explores disability aesthetics in contemporary forms and experimentation. She is shifting the dance field away from the inspirational-porn perspective of disability and moving it into a humanistic perspective. Nycto-Eternity Nycto-Eternity dives into the story of the Moon Goddess who longs to intertwine with the Sun. The Forbidden Solar Paradise is where the Moon Goddess finds herself in an array of blissful hope that quickly transforms into something unworldly. Nycto-Eternity has been adapted from film to stage performance. This Contemporary Ballet resembles the aesthetics of classical Ballet with disability dance; expanding the possibilities of what Ballet could be in the near future. Choreographer & DancerVanessa Hernández Cruz Original Score "Moon Dance" by Joseph Bucsit Conductor & Recording/Mixing Engineer: Damian Nguyen Mixed Media Artwork Vanessa Hernández Cruz Special Thank You Los Angeles Performance Practice Website Info: IG: GalaxiesDance


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