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The Network / Chiharu Shiota / Hammer Museum, Los Angels

The Network, 2023

Hammer Projects: Chiharu Shiota

March 26 - August 20, 2023

Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA

If you didn't get the opportunity to witness the new art installation by Chiharu Shiota at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, don't worry—L.A. Art Documents has you covered. Make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications for more captivating content like this.

Official Press Release from Hammer Museum:

"The moment people enter my works, I want them to understand what it is to live and what it is to die". —Chiharu Shiota

A veritable alchemist of her medium, Chiharu Shiota has spent the majority of her career extracting a poetic language from a single material: yarn. In what has been a nearly thirty-year practice of formal distillation, the Japanese artist has developed a transcendent conceptual relationship to her materials. Shiota’s monolithic site-specific landscapes take on questions of time, permanence, presence, and mortality. Matter becomes a pretext for a discussion of the universal nature of subjective experience and the longing that accompanies it. Her vast, ephemeral gestures coopt their surrounding architectural space with abstract lines of yarn woven into fantastical landscapes. The artist’s use of red, black, or white yarn to create monochromatic installations tempers the almost cinematic scope of her formal lyricism.

Chiharu Shiota (b. 1972, Osaka) is a Berlin-based artist whose installations, sculpture, and performance art invoke psychogeographic spaces of memory, emotions, and the cyclical nature of life and death. Using red, black, or white yarn as a base material, Shiota often creates meticulously webbed environments that span the length of entire galleries and mimic organic forms such as cobwebs, veins, and fractals. Shiota also includes a range of found objects in her work such as wooden chairs, abandoned shoes, rusted keys, and used dresses as a strategy to implicate the viewer in the artist's personal narratives that are often universal experiences.

Hammer Projects: Chiharu Shiota is organized by Erin Christovale, curator, with Nika Chilewich, curatorial assistant.

Hammer Projects are single-gallery exhibitions highlighting the work of contemporary artists from around the globe, often presenting new work at a pivotal moment of an artist’s development. Ongoing since 1999, Hammer Projects is a signature series within the Hammer’s exhibition program.


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