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Renee Azenaro / Wanderings / Irvine Fine Arts Center

Renee Azenaro


Installation from the exhibition Aires Rising

March 11 - May 20, 2023

Rooted in the generative characteristics of spring, Aries Rising presents a collection of sculptural and two-dimensional artworks made of metal, fiber, and mixed media whose sensibilities reflect an organic source. Featured artists in the exhibition share a curiosity about human perception as it relates to the environment, both natural and manmade, reflected in their manipulation of material and form.

Artist Statement

"It is through intimate and intense labor that I create my work; whether it be drawings, works on paper, sculpture or installation; the mark of the hand is an important component of the work. In my crocheted metal works and installations, my drawings and works on paper, I create multiple pieces that converse with one another. The interior space defines the exterior form. I strive to express vulnerability and frailties through the threads that bind one loop to the other, revealing the complexities, imperfections and distortions that makeup our experience. I am interested in the interaction of the shadows as they play against the physicality of the sculpture and the drawings. The shadows interact with the drawn line to create an ephemeral relationship, echoing and adding lines as a silent component of what is there. What is visible and what is invisible become reliant upon one another. Light becomes an integral part of my work creating lines in an ephemeral relationship with the shadows that appear to delicately move and shift depending on one’s view."


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