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REMNANTS / K Ryan Henisey / TAG Gallery

Plaster, concrete, and glass combine with fine art paintings in K. Ryan Henisey’s 2021 installation, Remnants, at TAG Gallery in Los Angeles. The award-winning artist and gallery cooperative president delivers a new solo exhibition focused on the remains of love long past.

“Amid the loss and isolation of the last year,” explains the artist, “I found myself excavating the narratives of past relationships. These amorous love stories—from the romantic to the lustful—inspired the fine art experiences of Remnants.

“Wandering among the remains of the past,” continues Henisey, “I discovered a distance and clarity from the once sharp emotions those loves invoked. As ancient artworks fade with the erosions and fractures of time, so has my personal past been cleansed of the vibrancy of my feelings. What is left behind is only the best and the strongest of memories.

“Ultimately, Remnants is about moving on,” says the artist. “These paintings and sculptures are an acceptance of the foundation that formed the person I became. They are a love song to the loves that missed.”

Remnants is a collection of eleven new works from the West Hollywood-based artist, K Ryan Henisey. The exhibition includes concrete and plaster installations, a photo-interactive window display, and acrylic paintings.

About the Artist: Henisey received an award of excellence from the California State Fair (2015). His work displays throughout California and exhibited internationally at the Garroxta Museum in Spain, and most recently in Guangzhou, China. Henisey is president of TAG Gallery in Los Angeles, where he also keeps his fine art studio.

About the Gallery: TAG is a fine art gallery located on Museum Row in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 1993, the gallery represents award-winning contemporary Southern California artists working in all mediums and styles.


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