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Lena Moross “PRODIGAL” / PØST Gallery / Kamikaze Series


PØST Gallery

Lena Moross, artist and owner of Muzeumm, presents a one-night-only show as a part of PØST Gallery’s Kamikaze series. She will unveil over 20 of her never-before-seen pieces, a watercolor “freak show.” The show will be inside the historic Bendix Building, a new downtown LA hub for art galleries, creatives, and good times. Her large-scale paintings are inspired by a collection that she has acquired over a span of 20 some years. It consists of American carnival prize toys, mannequin heads, limbless dancers, and weird figurines. Hundreds of them. “There was one rule to my collection,” she explains, “They had to be bruised by life!” She chose them, she picked them, she let them party. She “introduced” them to each other, drew their lifelines, and created their stories.


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