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September 8-14, 2020


  1. Queen of Pentacles: The Sacred Wounds by Kayla Tange, Talon McKee, Roger Kim

  2. Five of Pentacles: GO HOME by Jeff Frost

  3. The Magician: limbs seeds circle dance by Jason Jenn

  4. The Emperor (reversed): Jackalope by You Can Call Me SIR, Cassils

  5. Temperance: A Gender Monologue, D. Hill

  6. Nine of Swords: plagued by Lynda LaRose , SKY Palkowitz

  7. Two of Swords: MODE by Peter Kalisch, AJ Strout

  8. Ace of Pentacles: White Sea / Egg Duo / The Horse and the Watermelon, Raphaele COHEN-BACRY

  9. Nine of Pentacles: PERMANENCE IS ONLY A WORD by Kayla Tange, Luka Fisher, Chuck Hohng

  10. The Empress: Reflection by Lilli Muller

L.A. Art Documents presents: L.A. Mise-en-scène Video Art Festival, an online exhibition featuring experimental video art works curated by the producers of L.A. Art Documents, Jason Jenn and Vojislav Radovanović. The title and conceit of the show uses the film industry and its terminology “mise-en-scène” to create a cohesive through line for the varied works. Mise-en-scène is a film-making term that translates originally from French to “placing on stage”. It is used academically to describe the arrangement of everything that appears in the framing of the camera – actors, lighting, décor, props, costumes. Together these elements convey the important visual storytelling aspects of cinema.

The theme of 2020’s festival is TAROT and each week a new program consisting of around 10 video art pieces will be presented as a Reading, with the videos representing the cards in a classic tarot spread. Three weeks = three different Programs/Readings. What fortunes will be revealed between September 1-20?

While the City of Los Angeles receives the focus of attention during the festival, it will not be the only location featured during the programs. Los Angeles is a sprawling network of landscapes and people, representing the concept of the nation’s melting pot and constantly drawing new talent from around the world to add into its mix. The representation of L.A. as both a destination and cultural standard-bearer of contemporary ideals has been transmitted through film and television across the globe, bringing both admiration and condemnation for the practically inescapable influence and ubiquitous presence. While movies are made everywhere, Los Angeles with its early domination of the industry, remains a central and universal symbol. Filmmakers came westward, seeking the gold of its sunlight. They discovered Los Angeles provided a wide range of locations within a short distance as well. They could take advantage of the beaches, deserts, mountains, forests – allowing them to use as a stand-in for locations around the world or even as some distant, imagined worlds galaxies far away.

L.A. Mise-en-scène portrays a fresh and visionary experience of the city as imagined by L.A. Art Documents.


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