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High Beams #4: SPH 405 / Torrance Art Museum

High Beams #4: SPF 405 Saturday, July 17, 2021, Noon- 3pm Torrance Art Museum Civic Center Parking Lot

As part of a larger festival called Ultra! Public Art Project, which is sponsored by the Torrance Art Museum and the city of Torrance, High Beams #4 featured works from 16 prominent artist collectives from around Los Angeles, Northern California, and Colorado.

The first daytime High Beams event included longtime participants, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Durden and Ray, and Last Ditch, as well as newcomers like MOTOR, SF Artists Alumni, Hyperlink, and La Backyard. Although the projects will be as varied as the artists themselves, common themes revolve around social justice, life in a post-COVID world, and LA car culture. Many works were made in response to the traumas of 2020, like Durden and Ray’s poolside ode to the summer that never happened; Level Ground’s response to post-COVID anxiety; ARLA’s connection to domestic life during post-pandemic lockdown; and Technicolor Skies’ triumphal detritus arch dedicated to pandemic “victory”. Meanwhile, MOTOR, Hyperlink, and La Backyard are planning to configure their vehicles as mobile exhibition spaces, displaying works in and around a trailer, a station wagon, and a pickup truck.

Performance. Installation. Group Show.

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