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Haleh Mashian / Sacred Waters / MASH Gallery

Haleh Mashian

Sacred Waters

MASH Gallery

October 23 - December 24, 2021

Using various materials evocative of the natural world, Mashian’s waterscapes reveal the very physicality and opposing forces in water: its torrents and stillness, its ebbs and flows, its shimmer and depth, it’s roughness and ripples. In each of these works, Mashian portrays water as a cleansing, immersive substance that both washes away our detritus and calms our senses with its rejuvenating and constant momentum. In this way, water is both substance and solution—that which carries and cleanses the body and soul.

Mashian’s works consistently contain homages to that which is natural—wooded forests, intense flora, or the mutable forces within the feminine. SACRED WATERS is the organic outgrowth to Mashian’s idea that the natures of women and the rhythms of the natural world pulse in tandem—mutable and fluid, ever-changing and constant. “Water knows intuitively when to take a stance and when to let go—a feminine quality,” Mashian adds. “SACRED WATERS is the visual representation of my flotation journey to a state of creative release.”


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